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Welcome to our 2011 Fall Miami HD Showroom Tour.

Are you currently searching for the latest in hospitality décor? Maybe it’s time for a room or lobby upgrade, but no vendor had the exact items for which you are searching. At Mario & Marielena, we can turn your idea into reality by using a sketch or photo of what you want. We are able to assist you in creating an environment that is worth remembering. Products may be made using your own material (COM), or by using our array of fabrics. If you still have not found what you are looking for in our products, we can assist in helping design a custom product that will work within a project’s budget whether great or small.

Through consistent growth, Mario & Marielena has ventured into the hospitality market. At the HD Miami show in September of 2011, which is the ultimate connecter to the hospitality industry; we made a big splash with cutting edge designer pieces. The Miami HD show specializes in unique and stylish products for hospitality decorating and as a participating vendor attendant; we were able to show the diversity of our product lines and fabrics. We left an impression on the customers as well as the other vendors.

Chic, stylish, and trendy products are what we create for our customers. As our portfolio has expanded to include the hospitality market, our design versatility has been enhanced. We recently added the Luminescent Collection included with new design styles such as Courtship and Luminary Chairs using contract fabric and Stockholm in various colors. What we have here is just a glimpse of what we offer.







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