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If you are in the market for the latest soft home goods and furnishings for both residential and hospitality applications, we are here to make your ideas come to life. The team at Mario & Marielena provides an array of textiles and soft home furnishings combined with color, texture, design and drama, blended to our customers’ own inspirations. Our collections create style ideas that are sure to spark your next design adventure.

Our customer service is about grace, charm and an intimate relationship with our customers that cater to their everyday design needs. Naturally, everyone on our team feels strongly about providing extraordinary service and products. The essence of everything we do has been conceived by our customers' needs and we make sure that we meet every one of them. 

An unlimited amount of designer looks is provided through our irresistible custom designs. From clean and simple to glamorous and polished, we cater to those looking to create a new look, or to revamp an existing style. In creating our customer’s design ideas and providing our own, we address the elements of our textile selection and the foundation for soft home furnishings worth remembering. 

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